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How To Become A Cam Girl — Step-By-Step GuideMODELS


As you are on this page, you may be interested in becoming a cam girl and remain among the top models. And here you will find all the required answers to your question. You’ll learn about:

  1. How to start a webcam model career.
  2. The regular day in the life of a cam girl.
  3. The list of the cam sites to make money.
  4. Get advice about the cam model's lighting setup.

And of course, you will find answers for the most vital question — is it illegal to be a cam girl?

So let’s start in the proper order. What do you need to start your career as a private model in front of a webcam? Hmm. It’s not a simple question. Firstly, you should leave all cam modeling prejudices about this profession behind you. Yes, it’s a profession, and you should work. Sometimes hard.

So what is it like being a cam girl? It’s like being a nude streamer, and this work is not for everyone. So, you should know about the risks involved. You can do all you want: play games, dance, or simply pleasure yourself, and earn some cash for this. But the most incredible thing is not webcam model activities, but your extra cash earnings.

Second, you should get yourself cam model equipment, as if you're a streamer. It includes a HD webсam, some sextoys, sexy dresses, and a good microphone. If you don't have a smartphone, you also need a good PC with a reliable internet connection.

Yes, the strong internet is the main requirement, which will help you be a cam girl. The next question is about what you should do on your webcam model job. You should stream, primarily. It’s not always about sex. Most of the cam models are:

  1. Just dancing.
  2. Sexy chatting.
  3. Hiding their tickling.
  4. Broadcasting.

But, If you want to earn more money, you should prepare to be nude in front of a webcam and have good endurance to fuck all day. Jennifer Aleysee, one of the greatest performers, has one of the best cam girl quotes for you: “The cam job is like striptease, you must make them cum without you undressing. This is the secret to popularity.

How much money do cam girls make — in a day, month, year?


It’s tough to answer how much money cam girls make. It all depends on the webcam girl's appearance and background:

  • Face
  • Tits
  • Ass
  • Sex experience
  • Regularity
  • And fan activity

Of course, the income of an average cam girl who has a firm body is usually higher than BBW cam models or girls with cater to special fetishes. But what income should you hope for at the start of a webcam model career? You shouldn't compare yourself with popular cam girls. They are rich and overloaded on lust. Better watch the statistics of new cam girls and other models of the webcam sites.

How to become a webcam girl with good income

If you are not a famous pornstar or an experienced slut, for the first month, you can earn between 100 and 1000$. You can get more than other models if you follow our tips about webcam modelling. When you get your subscription base, your earnings as a cam model can grow to 4-6k dollars and more if you treat it like a 9-5 office job five days a week.

Look, the approach of webcam model companies is very simple. At first, many sites are ready to pay you for your cam girl services with about 80% of each tip received from free chat. The average amount of tips is about 80-100 tokens or $1-2. During the show, which lasts about 1-2 hours on average, you can get about 20-100 tips.

And don’t forget about private shows, collections, and other things. But at the start, if you work every day for 2 hours, you can get for about $500 (Let's calculate it together: 18*30=$540). If you get more popular, your tips will be more substantial.

And you as a cam girl can earn more than $5 for each minute of a private show. And when you become a great performer in the realm of webcam modelling, you will be making money easier than your rivals on camming sites. You can also share cam modeling nude photos and have a passive income source on certain sites.

After you as a cam girl get more experienced, you will get more tips, more private shows, more subscribers and devoted fans, and Big Tips.

Best paying cam girl sites for webcam models — they are really worth it!


There is one main question, which we usually forget to ask newbies from the cam modeling world. It is about which place to choose: sites with tokens, or group chats with private shows. See, this is not the same thing for you as a newbie. The great idea is about finding some of the best paying cam girl sites! And here, any aspiring cam girl can find them. All of them are trusted!


Camsoda is the main provider of webcam jobs and will help you earn money. And it's not just a good site for cam girls. It’s one of the best sites for camgirls, where women, boys, couples, and others can show their clients something spicy.

The main advantage of this camming site for cam girls is not only the good flow of viewers but the system, which will help you as a cam girl earn a lot of money when you are offline.

  • How to earn: With Tokens during the show. Or you can sell your private photo albums, clips, and recordings.
  • Share of income: 55%.
  • Payout Frequency: Each week!


The cam site LiveJasmin is a part of the LivePrivates network. And it has a significant advantage. Firstly, you have an excellent traffic of viewers, which helps you to stay a successful webcam model. Nobody will be left unsatisfied with their earnings.

It’s the oldest cam site of the industry regarding webcam model careers. You can easily get work as a cam girl with good earnings right from the first week. It doesn’t matter what body type or experience the webcam girl has. Everybody can perform at LiveJasmin!

  • How to earn: With Tokens, subscriptions, by selling your private images and videos, and with a referral program.
  • Share of income: up to 80%.
  • Payout Frequency: twice a month!



Cam site Xhamster is the combination between a classical porntube cam site and a webcam. It has a good reputation and a great internet traffic. See, the site provides you legit webcam modeling jobs and a way to earn money by recording best cam modeling sessions.

Honestly, it’s hard to answer how to be a cam star on XHamster because the competition is very fierce. But if you pass it, you can easily earn more than $1000 a day!

  • How to earn: By earning tokens and selling your private videos.
  • Share of income: average.
  • Payout Frequency: by request!


The cam site BongaCams Is one of the biggest in the webcam Industry. There’s a lot of activity coming from the Eastern European customers, who are not that experienced in sex. That’s why here you can earn a lot of money without undressing.

It’s easy to start there, but you should prepare to use a translator if you want to earn tips.

  • How to earn: By getting tokens, and performing a private show.
  • Share of income: up to 80% for tipping. About 20% for private chat.
  • Payout Frequency: Each Friday!

Cam model equipment — Basic and Pro

The great news for you is that many camgirls need a special setup, which will aid you while you wonder about how to start as a cam girl. As a newbie, you do not need too much equipment. For a start, you need:

  1. Fast Internet connection.
  2. Smartphones.
  3. Tripod.

But if you want to become a pro cam model and work on the best cam sites to make a lot of money, you need something more, like:

  1. Nikon d750, the best camera in the camming industry.
  2. Portrait lenses to stay a successful cam girl.
  3. Good lighting, which includes a minimum of 3 lighting sources.
  4. Portrait softbox will increase your popularity in webcam modeling.
  5. Many Sex Toys for a pervy webcam girl.
  6. Twitter account, and third party apps to make money.
  7. Spend money to dress well and perform on any cam girl site.
  8. Monthly gym subscription which will help you be a good webcam girl.

It doesn’t depend on your level in the webcam modelling — if you want to be a great performer, you as a cam girl should buy the right toys as well.

Tips on webcam modeling — how to be sexier than others on cam sites

Many women want to get more tips on webcam modeling. You should check our great ideas, which will help you as a cam girl to work less and earn more:

  1. Create your own schedule of webcam shows. It's like a full time job.
  2. Make some professional photo sessions for your subscribers.
  3. Work at more than one camming site at the same time. There are some applications for cam girls which make it easier.
  4. Buy a sexy little red dress and sexy lingerie.
  5. Don’t forget about the gym and workout to be on top of the list of top cam girls.
  6. Use the power of donating with OhMiBod Toys, and pay attention to the number of tips.
  7. Be creative on cam sites.

Everything will be fine. Of course, there is more advice for a beginner webcam model. Don’t undress at the start of the show! But everything else is much easier than you've heard!

Is it illegal to be a cam girl — and other answers from the Law sphere

Ok, the last question is about the law sphere. So is it illegal to be a cam girl? Sure, if you are older than 18. But please be careful if you are from a Muslim country.

Exactly what is cam work according to the legal sphere? It’s just streaming your everyday life. And you as a cam girl should register at the tax office as a streamer. You work a real job now!

Just don’t forget about the rules. Having sex is fully legal. But selling your sex on tape may be not so legal, but don't worry. As you perform online, you can’t be arrested, So chill and be ready to learn some special moves, which will help you to know how to do a cam show on the best cam sites!

And don’t forget about the best sites to be a cam girl. Don’t go to scammers. Better work on reputable companies to never be tricked by scammers.